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Ancient Egyptian Smoking Medicine

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There are numerous records showing that in Ancient Egypt rocks were heated in a fire. After reaching glowing red tempatures the stones would be moved inside and medicinal herbs would be placed on the stones. the smoke would cure what was ailing you.

They did not yet have tylenol

The Peace Pipes of American Indians did not contain Tobacco

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Some of what was shared in a peace pipe would not be considered legal today. However there are many good strong herbs which were used to promote hallucinogenic bonding in group environments

They are still a viable recreational smoking herb today

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The Hookah and water pipes of the middle east were used to smoke all kinds of herbs and dusts Some were smoked for medicinal value, some were valued for the magical qualities they shared with their users


Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine was known tom smoke weed................ of many different blends varieties and flavors, for many selective desires.